Starting Fresh in 2020: Moving Past Clothes We Don't Wear

The first workshop of 2020 of the Image Styling Workshop Series kicked off on January 11. For this workshop, our guest speaker was Inner Power Coach Grace Liang. Grace is also the author of a book entitled Finding Grace.

Grace started her segment with a meditative exercise where she asked the audience to visualize their personal wardrobe and answer a series of questions. The questions revolved around unworn clothes, appropriate outfits for key life events, and unused gift items. She then discussed 3 Mental Blocks that hold us back from moving past clothes we don't wear:

1. Relationship Blocks

2. Self-Confidence Blocks

3. Money Blocks

For the second part of the workshop, I discussed practical strategies to jump start the wardrobe streamlining process; from self-reflection to closet clean out. I ended with an exciting 10x10 Challenge: Styling 10 wardrobe items into 10 looks over 10 days.

Attendees got a chance to consult with make up artist Rita Jamil from MYNT Beauty of 6 Salon in Birmingham, MI.

If you missed this workshop, be sure to attend the next event on Feb. 29!


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